Below are the steps that need to be completed at the start of the school year. Please follow each step carefully.

***Step 4 will need to be printed out and turned in.



View pages found Click HERE and HERE.


Private Lessons: The majority of our orchestra students at Jasper take private lessons either through the school program or with and outside teacher. This individual tutoring is highly encouraged for students of all levels and is a big part of Jasper Orchestra’s success.

If you wish for your student to enroll in private lessons, please be sure to sign up in Step 3 below. *Schedules for our in-school private instructors fill up quickly so please sign up at the beginning of the year!


Complete and submit this form once you have finished reviewing Step 1 and 2.


Print the document found HERE and turn in by Friday, August 17th.


Prepare a check (or cash) for $85 made out to the Jasper Orchestra Boosters for the year’s activity fee. This will be turned in at school.  Be sure that the check is labeled with your student’s school ID number or other identifying information.


Log in to CHARMS (School code is “JasperHsOrch” and password is your child’s student ID number). Make sure that parents and the student have entered working email addresses. Once you are logged in, please double check all student information, including name, orchestra placement, address, student cell phone number, TShirt size, and most importantly, your email address. If your email address (or a parent’s) change in the course of the year, it is your responsibility to update this information in Charms. Also, please update contact information for family members by using the tabs on the left. Please make sure you have entered accurate emails for parents/guardians.


Only if you are using a school instrument: Complete the contract provided to your student at school. A $85 payment should be made to PISD via check OR PayPams. PayPams is the preferred payment method and can be accessed here: PAYPAMS  Select the option that reads “Orchestra – Instrument User Fees”. Please DO NOT click the “Orchestra Fees / Campus Only” option.













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2019-2020 Audition Results

Dear Orchestra Members,

Below are the orchestra placements for the 2019-2020 school year.A great deal of thought and consideration has been put in to these placements and we want you to know that each of you were placed in an ensemble that will give you the most opportunity for your musical growth to shine.

Please remember:

1)  The Jasper Orchestra auditions are very competitive because of the very high quality of  training you all receive at Rice and Robinson. There are also all of the current 9th graders auditioning for these spots as well.  The upside of this is that all of our orchestras are very much above average for their level and will be a rewarding musical environment for you.

2)  You are so much more than simply a member in the ensemble.  Regardless of what class you are in, take it as an opportunity to excel and distinguish yourself in a positive manner. We will have some great experiences!


Later on next week, you will all be receiving some music from our first concert next year if you’re looking for something to practice over the summer. Have a great summer, and I can’t wait to see everyone next year!

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