All-Region Auditions have wrapped up! Great job to all who participated. We know you had to dedicate so many hours to preparing for this. Please join me in congratulating the following on earning a place in All-Region!

Additionally, several students earned an Area seat and will advance on to next week’s All-State Auditions.

What an impressive showing from Jasper Orchestra!!!


Symphony Orchestra
VIOLIN (227 entries)
*Sean Kim-4
*Sanjit Konda-5
*Priscilla Yu-9
*Leon Zeng-15
*Daniel Wang-18
*Emily Dong-20
*Alexander Yu-22
*Ryan Lai-28
Jennifer Duan-31
Lois Tam-34
Enoch Chan-37
Kai Wang-39

VIOLA (90 entries)
*Dai Nakagawa-1 (WOOHOO!!!)
*Eric Wang-2
*Andrew Lee-4
*Alvin Luo-9

CELLO (114 entries)
*Kyle Park-2
*Isabel Chapman-9

BASS (40 entries)
*Alisa Nakamura-9

PIANO (9 entries)
*Amanda Yi-2

Philharmonic Orchestra
Nicole Kim-48
Julia Jeng-56
Josephina Qiu-59
Noalen Ni-63
Isabella Wang-Alternate
Honoka Morita-Alternate

Ian Xue-19
Aayush Appan-22
Anya Li-25
Zongcheng Yuan-29

*Kevin Zheng-17
Esther Huang-22
Lexing Wei-31

Cory Tan-18
Riley Graham-Alternate

All-Region Results