All State Results

I am so pleased to announce we have a record-tying 10 students in this year’s All-State Orchestras!  This is a tremendous honor and is the highest achievement for an individual school music student in Texas!  Congratulations to the following students!!! Results are not official until Tuesday morning


13 – Samantha Choo (Symphony Violin I)

41 – Raymond Chen (Philharmonic Concertmaster)

57 – Kevin Bai (Philharmonic Violin I)


9 – Jarod Stone (Symphony)

24 – Navin Ahire (Philharmonic)

26 – Nisha Rajesh (Philharmonic)

30 – Serena Cheng (Philharmonic)


22 – Gahwon Lee (Philharmonic)

35 – Daniel Zhong (String)

36 – Angel Yi (String)

All State (Round 1 Results)

Congrats to the 12 Jasper students who are advancing to Round 2 of this year’s All-State competition!  If your name is below, this means that you have made “All-Area,” but you haven’t made an All-State orchestra yet!  We’ll find that out tomorrow.  Good luck!  We are sure to have quite a few All-Staters!


6 – Samantha Choo

38 – Kevin Bai

52 – Tim Wang

113 – Raymond Chen


7 – Navin Ahire

17 – Serena Cheng

35 – Nisha Rajesh

46 – Jarod Stone


9 – Daniel Zhong

15 – Angel Yi

17 – Gahwon Lee


60 – Kate Dedrick

All state round one results

Posting this from the plane: more details to follow. Congrats Sammi, Tim, Kevin and Raymond advancing in violin! Navine Jarod Nisha and Serena in viola. Angel gahwon and Daniel in cello and Kate in bass! I’ll post specifics once I drive home. Good luck tomorrow!! Hope I didn’t miss anyone who advanced.

Honor Orchestra Results

I am so pleased to share some incredible news – on Sunday, Jasper High School’s Legacy Orchestra ranked 2nd place in the TMEA Honor String Orchestra competition!  In its most generalized form, this means we have been ranked the 2nd best string orchestra in Texas for this school year, an accomplishment made even more remarkable when one considers that Jasper was the only campus in the state-wide competition that must compete without the experience of 11th and 12 graders!  This reflects the incredible work ethic that has come to be expected from the students at Jasper High School.  A big congrats is owed to the students at Martin HS in Arlington ISD and their director, Michael Stringer.


1.  Martin HS

2.  Jasper HS

3.  Plano West SH

4.  Westwood HS

5.  Liberty HS

6.  Seven Lakes

7.  Allen HS

8.  Austin HS

9.  Clements HS

All-Region Results

Congrats to the following Jasper Orchestra members who made All-Region!  I’m very proud of your hard work and the result of that hard work.

If you did not make it, remember this:  You are only in 9th or 10th grade, and you were competing against 11th and 12th graders from some very good programs.  You still have time to gather yourself together and make another stab next year as a more experienced player.

If you have an asterisk * next to your name, this means that you have qualified to tape for All-State.  If you are prepared to do that, you will let me know on Monday.  If you choose to NOT tape for state because you have not been working on the music, you will also tell me that on Monday so that the next person on the list gets the chance.  If you are within 2 or 3 spots short of taping, I’ve put a % next to your name.  My suggestions is to practice hard this weekend as if you will be taping — usually several people on each instrument drop out, and there is a chance you will be asked.



Kevin Bai* – 4 (vln I)

Tim Wang* – 5 (vln I)

Samantha Choo* – 7 (vln 1)

Raymond Chen* – 21 (principal 2nd)

Daniel Che% – 28 (vln 2)

Heewon Kim – 39 (vln 2)


Navin Ahire* – 3

Jarod Stone* – 6

Serena Cheng* – 10

Nisha Rajesh* – 14


Angel Yi* – 1 (principal)

Daniel Zhong* – 7

Gahwon Lee* – 11

Richard Zhu* – 15



Cedric Hu – 1 (concertmaster)

Emily Nam – 8 (vln I)

Choong Gao Lee – 9 (vln I)

Boris Tsang – 14 (vln I)

Sharon Son – 26 (vln II)

Kevin lee – 28 (violin II)

Kathleen Shao – 32 (vln II)

Sharon Zang – 33 (vln II)

Tiffany Kang – 39 (violin II)

Brian Lee – 40 (violin II)

Matthew Zhao – Alternate 1

Darshan Shaastri – Alternate 4

Patrick Yu – Alternate 5


Zoie Fan – 6

Luke Fullington – 7

Angela He – Alternate 3


Collin McMahon – 11

Michael Lee – 12

Jacqueline Chou – Alternate 2


Kate Dedrick – 2nd bass

Reegan Jiang – Alternate 1